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When I was a young girl I lived close to the sea (technically the ocean, but sea sounds prettier). I took those long days for granted that we spent lolly-gagging and cantering about our coast. Mom with her book and my brothers and I elbow deep in hand carved tunnels to China. We splashed ,swam, dove, screamed, ran and sat quiet on the sands building and crafting.
Now that I live a bit of a distance from these waters, it is practically a holiday when we reach the roaring of waves.
On these holidays I recall my childhood actions and reactions. I watch my children discover and enjoy for themselves.
Waves sing and seaweed waves. Toes sink in the sand, hands raise high as chins tilt up towards our blue sky.
Chasing and crashing, swirling and twirling. We swallow the sun and its light beams bright with joy and warmth there inside our bellies. How I long to savor these rays for I know the Oregon clouds will overshadow us soon and we will scamper away from this beauty of a day! But meanwhile we nibble on apricot green tea shortbread, pick through our pile of peanuts and relinquish ourselves to this day full of play, play, play!!!!